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Do a Barrel Roll (Star Fox / Donkey Kong parody)

“Space. It seems to go on forever. But then you get to the end and the gorilla starts throwin’ barrels at you.”

Well, maybe that’s the wrong reference, but you get my drift.

I had seen a few of these Donkey Kong spoofs done well in the past, but the obvious one never revealed itself to exist, so I made it.

I spent many an hour flying through the Lylat System, saving everything from Corneria to Sector Z. When Peppy shouted to “Do a Barrel Roll,” I listened. (So has the Internet, via Google’s dandy little Easter egg.)

This was built, pixel by pixel, with a lot of love and careful planning. Thank goodness for free graph paper online!

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Double tap L or R and roll yourself into this mashup featuring the most difficult route through the classic Nintendo 64 space shooter.

Wolfen II ships trace their attack route from Venom to Corneria, passing Area 6, Sector Z, Zoness, Aquas, and Sector Y along the way. Peppy’s advice is crucial to the survival of the Lylat System!

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