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The beginning of a brewery

I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to keep touch with friends that I made in elementary school. I’m even luckier to have them appreciate my design work and put special projects for their loved ones in my hands.

Such was the case a few months ago when my friend Stephanie reached out to me with a planned secret gift for her husband, Zach. The couple had been home brewing recently and, through their shared love of English literature (Steph was an English teacher, Zack a drama teacher) came upon a literary device that they both loved: the tragic hero.

Identified as someone born into privileged but cursed to die through some fault of his own, the tragic hero is a neat device. We’re supposed to identify with him in some way and feel bad for him when he dies.

Steph sought an identity for the beer that they enjoy purely at home and immediately tossed the name out. After a few drafts including the Everyman figure she hoped to include, I experimented with this crest. The crown of privilege, the crossed swords of conflict, the flame of enlightenment – all of the icons found a new home on the crest.

I’ve gotten the go-ahead to begin creating a full version in Photoshop, but I’m excited to share the start of something special for a dear old friend.

Updates will be posted as they become available.

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