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The Monster’s Loose: Great opening for ‘As Seen on TV’ Exhibit at New Visions Studio and Gallery

It’s been almost 12 hours since the end of the opening reception for the “As Seen on TV” exhibit opening at New Visions Studio and Gallery in Scranton.

The show is a celebration of great moments in the television shows and video games we loved as kids, along with a few callouts to the movies that we came to love as adults.

From “The Adventures of Pete and Pete” (obviously!) and “Street Fighter” to “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” and a piece combining “Where the Wild Things are” with “Star Wars,” I was both honored and humbled to share the space with about a dozen other artists. Someone even made temporary Petunia tattoos for gallery visitors to purchase!

Last night also marked my debut for “The Strongest Man… In The World!”, a love letter to “Pete and Pete” that envisions Artie as a legitimate comic book hero.

The event as a whole was a bit overwhelming. After all, it’s been about 10 years since I have shown anything in a gallery. All in all, it seems like the pieces really made a connection with some gallery visitors.

While yesterday was exhausting, I feel even more energized to create. I’ll be taking some time off from the pop culture items in just a bit to finish a special project for an old friend. After that, expect some excellence inspired by “Earthbound,” “Star Fox 64,” “Mega Man,” and even “My Little Pony.” (Don’t judge. I’ve got a 9-year-old girl living in my house and a great idea for a mashup).

The show continues through June 27. Visit for more details.

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